Live Below The Line: Day 1 and 2


So I have officially started LBTL and at the moment it seems to be going ok; one of the main things I was worried about when planning for LBTL was what I was going to have for my lunches during the challenge as my usual plan when I’m on campus is an Essentials meal deal or a Bag It sandwich (pesto, bacon, cheese and lettuce is the usual). However, now that it’s coming to the end of the academic year and things with RaG are starting to quieten down *sobs* I’m not actually going to be on campus over lunchtime much this week. This means my main problem isn’t actually much of a problem. Anyway…

Day 1

Thanks to the Gods of Timetabling I have almost all of my contact hours on a Monday and it is my longest day on campus; 11am-7pm usually, which consists of two 2hr seminars and an extra half hour or so for the RaG Committee Meeting. This meant that it was probably the hardest day to plan for as I needed a quick breakfast, lunch that was realistic to bring from home and a simple dinner for when I got home that didn’t require too much effort as 8hrs on campus is loooooong.

Knowing that I had to make a packed lunch for the first time probably since I was in High School, I was actually ready in time to make said lunch and to eat breakfast at home and not on the way to the bus like normal.

1958229_10202373595755521_2102469365_nDay 1’s breakfast was a banana (10p). Apart from being a bit hungry about half way through my first seminar (pretty normal 11am-1pm seminars are just annoying)  I managed to give my presentation and not feel too distracted. Off to a good start! Lunch was a “jam sandwich” pitta bread and jam (5p) and kept me going, along with 3 rich tea biscuits (3p) until my second seminar at 4pm. The only thing I really missed was a chocolate bar or some other sweet snack during the mid-seminar break at 5pm. When studying The Contemporary and Hypertexts in particular, like we were this week, you do need a little sugar fix to keep you going. Oh well, just the water for me.

10152030_10202375761769670_973030801_nDinner on day 1 was a carrot and kidney bean burger on half a pitta bread with 1/3 of a potato (33p) I got the recipe here. Never having had much interest in becoming a vegetarian I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was and had enough bean mixture to make two burgers and freeze one for later in the week. I treated myself to two more rich tea biscuits for pudding (2p).

Day 1 total cost: 53p

Day 2

Day 2 was a day spent “working from home” (read: trying to watch iPlayer but was prevented by poor internet connection and buffering so actually did some work on my essay).


I had a bit of a lie in so breakfast was more of a brunch, but still didn’t change the fact it was a banana again (10p). Lunch was much more exciting and consisted of 2 scrambled eggs on a pitta bread (35p). Lunch immediately confirmed that making room in my £5 budget for eggs was a good idea.

A few hours of essay writing and 2 rich teas (2p) later, I realised that eggs were definitely a good idea as they had kept my going all afternoon and I didn’t actually feel hungry for dinner until about 7:45pm.


Day 2’s dinner was spinach and mozzarella pizza (52p) and was something I was looking forward to trying out. I had great fun making the dough (making a mess) and I think LBTL is actually making me cook more than I have been doing recently. The pizza came out a little bit dry, I think it needs more tinned tomatoes/sauce on it (the one carton of chopped tomatoes I have has got to last me two pizzas and a chilli) and the base was a little thick, but for 52p I was pretty impressed. As was my friend Rosie who commented that it looked better than her dinner!

I’m planning to give it another go on day 3, I’m aiming for a thinner base and a bit more sauce. I have 20p of my £5 budget left to spend so I might venture out to the shops and see if I can pick up some extra tinned tomatoes and then my dry pizza problems will be solved.

LBTL is really emphasising to me just how difficult it can be to budget and plan meals for just £1 a day and it’s incredible to think this is the reality facing people everyday.

Day 2 total cost: 99p

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that has already donated, my fundraising total currently stands at £30 and I would absolutely love to reach my target of £100 by the end of the week. All the money raised is going to Action Against Hunger, which is a fantastic charity tackling the problem of global poverty and any donation you make makes a real difference, why not contribute your morning coffee money? I’d love you forever and ever!

You can donate here:

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