New Zealand: Week 21 – 25 pt.3

The One Where New Zealand is Just Too Damn Pretty

So now we reach the point in the adventure where New Zealand just gets too pretty for words and this post may actually just end up being photographs.

Bay of Islands

We had booked to go a cruise round the Bay of Islands and I was very excited. The weather was beautiful, I’d found some sea sickness medicine and we managed to get a spot at the very front of the boat. All very good signs that it was going to be a good day. The Bay of Islands are stunning, it’s been one of my favourite places we’ve been to so far and if I were to win the lottery there’s a very good chance I’d by myself a house in Russell and live there forever.

P1110898 P1110907 P1110946 P1110955 P1110995

We were out in the island for about 4 hours and got to see plenty of beautiful blue ocean, a whole heap of dolphins, the famous Hole in the Rock which we sailed through and we also got time to chill out on one of the islands. It was such a good day and I made it through without one drop of sea sickness. Halle-freaking-lujah!

P1120006 P1120037 P1120064 P1120073 P1120080IMG_0642-1

Cape Reinga

Next stop was the very top of New Zealand. We made a brief stop at 90 Mile Beach, for photos, a quick paddle and wishful thinking about taking the car down onto the beach.

P1120090 P1120091 P1120093

Cape Reinga which was incredible to see the most northern point in New Zealand and also see the point where the Tasman Sea and the South Pacific Ocean collide.

P1120108 P1120118 P1120143 P1120146

Two nights of camping were planned and via 16kms of gravel (oh lordy) we reached Spirits Bay which was, like most places we’d been to in the last few days, beautiful. My time in Spirits Bay was spent alternating between reading The Hobbit in the sun, swimming in the sea (interrupted only once by a possible sting ray sighting) and topping up the tan.

P1120189 P1120212 P1120215 P1120240 P1120249


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