New Zealand: Week 28 – 37

The One With All the Best Bits From Term One

(Or The One Where I’ve Been a Bit Slack When it Comes to Blogging)

N.B. Written with all the good intentions of finishing this post before the Easter Holidays, but completely failing to do so…

Because Term One is basically over and I’ve not actually blogged about any of it, I feel it’s probably best to give a summary of the highlights so that I can update the blog and I still have the time to be excited about going to Rarotonga. I’m going to Rarotonga. I kind of just like saying Rarotonga.

My return to work after the Summer Holiday was full of change, it was basically like starting again. It was a brand new school year which meant a new timetable, this year featuring lots of ESOL classes and lots of Maths classes. Yes I am currently helping yr11s with their maths and it’s going pretty well, even if I do say so myself. I’m as surprised as anyone by this. The times of the school day have also changed which means my hours at school have changed and we’re also on a two week timetable. 10 weeks later I’m in no way used to this two week thing yet. The addition of Samantha means that now there’s another gapper my hours at the boarding house have also changed a bit. Yes so all change at work, making it a gap year of two very distinct halves I suppose.

Another change has been that I’ve moved bedrooms. Just before term started the top floor of the old boarding house was handed over by the builders and I shifted all my stuff up one and half floors from the old sick bay to an actual gapper flat. All be it the bathroom, kitchenette and living room weren’t actually finished when we moved in. But eventually they were and now it’s fab and a million times better than living in a old sick bay.

Let's play 'Guess Which Country The Gappers Are From.'

Let’s play ‘Guess Which Country The Gappers Are From.’

Compulsory Weekend In

The first weekend of the new term was Compulsory Weekend In. On Friday night the year 13 common room was transformed in Flamingos Nightclub, the girls brought out some fantastic fancy dress and some extraordinary dance moves were on show. Saturday saw everyone dress up in house colours for a day of games. My house colour is green so I opted for a monster onesie, wouldn’t mind going to work everyday in a onesie to be honest. There were a whole heap of games going on with the girls all earning points for their house totals, with the finale being a belly flop contest into the pool.IMG_0748IMG_0744

Having managed to be a spectator for most of the morning, the time came for the staff to get involved and we all ended up playing the chocolate mousse game. Essentially you eat a plate of chocolate mousse with out using your hands. IMG_1006

Staff participation concluded with a dip (belly flop) into the pool before lunch. Saturday afternoon saw a tug of war competition and bubble football. Quite possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. Saturday evening we all bussed over to Sumner for fish and chips on the beach and then on Sunday the girls were let loose on a scavenger hunt to Boys’ High.  IMG_0745

Year 9 Camp

The gapper equivalent to Groundhog Day, year 9 camp saw all the year 9 form classes spend one night at an outdoor camp getting to know each other and doing team bonding activities. I’m very glad Samantha and I split the week between us so we only had two camps each. Whilst it was fun, doing the same things day after day was very repetitive. My role within the camp was mainly cooking (can add cooked nachos for 65 people to the CV), supervising the waterslide, helping out with the raft building stuff and scaring year 9s when the were playing nightline.

Temple Basin

Also this term, I was on year 12 Bio camp to Temple Basin. What was described to us as a little walk up a hill, was actually a mountain but I feel like climbing to the top of a mountain in New Zealand is probably something a person should do while out here. The views were incredible and despite the wind, rain and mud everyone made it to the very top and earned their reward of a biscuit. FullSizeRender-13 IMG_0838

We got pretty lucky with the weather for most of the camp, apart from the walk back down on the last day when the rain was horizontal and the path down was basically a waterfall. Probably could have rafted down some parts of the track.IMG_0853 IMG_0854

Aside from these highlights, in Term One I’ve been going to plenty of rugby games.IMG_0796 IMG_0891

We took all the girls to the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup (I had no idea who the famous cricket players were but the ceremony and the fireworks at the end were cool).IMG_0766

The term ended with a Pizza Party.IMG_0899

And in a somewhat mild panic one evening, I started looking at my options for The Future and stumbled on a job vacancy at a boarding school in Oxford starting in September. One application and a Skype interview later, I am the owner of a full time job. Absolutely stoked to have at least the next year of my life sorted. Never in my life have I felt more like a grown up.


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